6mm Duality Collection

Same style as the original collection, just smaller beads.

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6mm Mother of Pearl Collection

Mother Of Pearl Shell

Seahells help us to connect with the healing flow and serenity of the water element. Long used in jewelry, Feng Shui + decoration, shells have even been used in some cultures as a form of currency. They are calming to our emotions as they evoke the peacefulness we feel when we are close to a body of water. Conch shells are said to hold the soothing sounds of the ocean waves whenever you hold your ear to them.

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8mm Duality Collection


1. the quality or condition of being dual.
2. an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.

Two high vibration gemstones paired together to compliment each other + create balance through contrast. 

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Mineral Family : Feldspar

Elements : Water

Chakras : Heart /Anahata – Throat /Vishuddha 

Mantra : I speak my truth with clarity + heartfelt certainty

Key Words : Communication – Truth – Courage – Calming

Amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth and empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truth. It relieves anxiety and aids and moving forward beyond fear to live life to the fullest. A throat and heart chakra stone, it encourages truly heartfelt communication.


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Mineral Family : Quartz

Elements : Water - Air

Chakras : Third Eye/Anja – Crown/Sahasrara

Mantra : I allow my mind to be open to all the magic of the universe

Key Words : Intelligence – Meditative – Calming – Clarity

Amethyst is a crown chakra stone and it is directly related to the mind and it’s health. It is thought to improve intelligence, cerebral thought as well as memory recall. It is a stone of peace and calming and can be used as a powerful meditation aid. Through history is has been considered the sobriety stone, helping the wearer to find true clarity of mind, body + spirit.


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Great for the warmer months of the year, adornment for your gorgeous feet that take you everywhere you need to be.

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Mineral Family : Beryl

Elements : Water

Chakras : Throat / Vishuddha

Mantra : I align with the cleansing and calming energy of water + no longer resist the flow of life.

Key Words : Cleansing – Simplify – Flow – Communication


Aquamarine is a stone that is associated with the water element. It is said to bring the calm, relaxing and cleansing energies of the sea. It has been used as a talisman of good luck and protection. As a throat chakra stone it is also said to promote heartfelt communication and happiness. It is also the March birthstone.



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As seen on Justin Pasutto

The two bracelets that are worn by Justin Pasutto.

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Birthstone Illumination Bracelets

Wear your birthstone, the birthstone of someone special or stack them up!

January - Garnet (dark red)

February - Amethyst (purple)

March - Aquamarine (light blue)

April - Clear Quartz (it is diamond, but quartz is an alternate)

May - Emerald (dark green)

June - Moonstone (milky white)

July - Ruby (deep, vibrant red)

August - Peridot (lime green)

September - Sapphire (dark blue)

October - Tourmaline (pink)

November - Topaz (clear)

December - Turquoise (vibrant blue)

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Black Tourmaline

Mineral Family : Tourmaline

Elements : Earth

Chakras : Root/Base Muladhara 

Mantra : I release all negative attachments, I am protected and rooted to the earth.  

Key Words : Protection - Grounding - Alignment - Clarity

Black tourmaline has been called the shamanic stone, making it a favourite of metaphysical practitioners for its myriad of versatile energetic properties. It is a powerful protector and purifier of negative energy, making it an ideal stone to carry or wear as a talisman to protect your aura and energy. It is a stone that is strongly associated with the earth element and the root chakra. It keeps one grounded in reality while helping to reduce scattered energy and feelings of anxiousness, fear and anger. In addition to is grounding properties, tourmalines natural ability to purify and cleanse promotes a more balanced approach to life. This can lead to more clear and rational thought, practical creativity and a more positive outlook on life.


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