• Authentic Mala Meditation Beads

    Reiki infused + handmade with intention. 108 beads for your meditation + chanting practice.

  • Mala Bracelets

    Reiki infused mala style bracelets to invite presence + mindfulness into everyday life.

  • The Duality Collection

    Two high vibration gemstones paired together to compliment each other + create balance through contrast.

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The Hilltribe Collection

Hilltribe silver is traditionally made by the Hilltribes of Thailand and Burma. With a silver content of 96-97%, it is more pure than sterling silver. This collection of stack bracelets is dainty, simple and feminine. 

Find Your Gemstone

We have a comprehensive list of all the gemstones that Salt + Sage uses so that you can find a piece based on what you are looking to invite into your life.

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