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Featured Zodiac Sign - Aries


Symbol: Ram

Dates: March 21- April 19

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Cardinal Fire

Natural House: First

Tarot: The Emperor

Metal: Iron

Aries is the fist of the zodiac signs. It carries the buzzing energy of spring and the bursting forth of new energy and beginnings. Its symbol is the ram, powerful in its vitality, forthrightness and enthusiasm. A cardinal fire sign ruled by the fiery planet of mars, it is an igniting and powerful sign with the competitive drive of the warrior. Unbalanced this can lead to a quick temper and hot headedness. Aries can be charming, single minded and have an infection vibrant energy. They are the sign of the risk taker + the visionary. They inspire boldness, audacity and the childlike ability to jump in to anything with two feet and no regrets.





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