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Our Mission


At Salt + Sage we make jewelry for people seeking purposeful adornment that speaks to their soul.


Our purpose and passion is to help guide others to connect to their most authentic and highest selves by understanding the transformative and energetic power of crystals and how they can be integrated into our daily life to facilitate healing, spiritual growth and a deeper connection to self. 


We strive to share knowledge with others while encouraging them to tap into their own intuition when choosing a pieces that resonates with them the most. 


Our Process


All of our pieces are designed with intention and hand crafted with care and love using only precious metals and genuine gemstones. We take time and care when choosing the crystals we work with, ensuring they are of the highest quality and that they resonate with Salt + Sage and our purpose.


All of our pieces are infused with the healing energy of reiki, alowing it to be cleansed of any previous energies so that each piece energetically clear for the wearer. 


We provide original writing about each of the crystals we use, The healing properties of the gemstones here have been compiled from various sources, through personal research as well as our personal work with the crystals. Some of the stones have deep cultural history going back thousands of years. There are also folk legends and lore surrounding many of the various stones. The metaphysical properties are based in both research and traditional uses throughout cultures all across the world. All of our writing is original unless otherwise stated.


Purposeful Adornment


Adornment is a sacred practice in and of itself. Adorning with gemstones is an ancient act that goes back thousands of years. Quite simply it is the wearing of a piece that imbues purpose for a person. It is something that makes you feel good when you wear it. A piece that you love so much you wear it everyday. A piece that is only worn for special occasions. A piece that is used in personal practice or ritual. It’s personal, beautiful and important.


You can set intention with any of our gemstone pieces by sitting in silence, holding the piece in your hand and stating your intention. Sit with this intention for as long as feels right.



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