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Clear Quartz

Mineral Family : Quartz

Elements : Fire – Ether (spirit)

Chakras : Crown Sahasrara 

Mantra : I am a clear and open channel, ready to receive universal guidance + inspiration.

Key Words : Clarity - Manifestation - Amplification 

Clear quartz is known as the universal crystal and a master healing stone. Due to is clarity it is said to act as a natural amplifier, meaning when you pair it with other stones it can enhance the properties of that stone as well. Due to is programmability, it is considered one of the most effective stones for manifesting ideas and intentions. It is also said to be an excellent protective stone that can ward of negative energy. This versatility makes it an ideal talisman for carrying or wearing as jewelry. It is a stone that is associated with the fire + spirit elements and the crown chakra, helping one to connect to their highest self.





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