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Black Tourmaline

Mineral Family : Tourmaline

Elements : Earth

Chakras : Root/Base Muladhara 

Mantra : I release all negative attachments, I am protected and rooted to the earth.  

Key Words : Protection - Grounding - Alignment - Clarity

Black tourmaline has been called the shamanic stone, making it a favourite of metaphysical practitioners for its myriad of versatile energetic properties. It is a powerful protector and purifier of negative energy, making it an ideal stone to carry or wear as a talisman to protect your aura and energy. It is a stone that is strongly associated with the earth element and the root chakra. It keeps one grounded in reality while helping to reduce scattered energy and feelings of anxiousness, fear and anger. In addition to is grounding properties, tourmalines natural ability to purify and cleanse promotes a more balanced approach to life. This can lead to more clear and rational thought, practical creativity and a more positive outlook on life.





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