What are they and why are they important?

W H A T  I S  R E I K I ?


Reiki is a Japanese holistic healing modality that literally translates to universal life force. Energy is channeled through the practitioners hands and flows through the recipient or object. This energetic practice works on the mental, spiritual and physical levels, and is meant to empower people to learn to heal through the energy of pure love.


Cayla the co-owner of Salt + Sage is trained in Reiki/energy cleansing. Every piece of Salt + Sage jewelry has been infused with the life force energy of reiki, allowing your piece to help serve you and your highest purpose.


C R Y S T A L  C L E A N S I N G  +  C L E A R I N G


All Salt + Sage pieces are genuine gemstones. These are gifts from the earth that should be treated with care. Crystals are formed from pure energy, and each carry their own unique energetic properties and folklore. All of our pieces come with a description about your chosen stone.


There are multiple methods that can be used to clear the energy of your gemstone jewelry as well as any other crystals you have in your collection.


  • Burn your preferred form of incense (sage, rosemary, palo Santo, copal etc) to energetically cleanse the jewelry/crystal by passing it through the smoke and focusing on clearing its energy using intention and/or mantra.


  • Put your jewelry/crystals out on the night of the full moon, making sure your pieces will be in direct light from the full moon as it will clear and charge at the same time.


  • Fill a bowl with clean salt and cover your jewelry/crystal with the salt and leave it for an hour or more. The salt draws out negativity and impurity. Throw the salt away afterwards.


  • Sit in stillness and place the crystal in your hands. Set your intention for clearing the crystal with a preferred mantra. Repeat this mantra either in your mind or out loud for as long as feels right to you.