Balinese Sand Necklace

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Sterling Silver
14k Gold Fill
14k Rose Gold Fill

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These resin pendants hold either the black volcanic sand of echo beach in Canggu or the white shell sand of sulaban beach in Uluwatu.


The black sand of Echo Beach looks like a dark, starry sky and is black from the volcanic activity on the island of Bali. Symbolically, volcanoes command the landscape, reminding us to face our challenges and that life can be unpredictable. They remind us to tend to ourselves, and learn to recognize when we are being stretched too thin or pushed too close to our breaking point. They embody the incorporation of all four elements. The steady earth, the flowing water, the energetic fire and the ever present air.


White sand from Sulaban beach in uluwatu, the most southern tip of Bali. This sand is from the shores of turquoise water minutes away from the Uluwatu Temple, one of the most spiritually significant places in Bali.


The chain is either sterling silver, 14K gold fill or 14K rose gold fill. Fill is different than plated, the gold is bonded to either jewellers brass or copper, so it wears like gold at a more affordable price, and if taken care of will not tarnish.


They are on a 24 inch chain.

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