Strawberry Quartz + Pearl Layering Necklace



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Strawberry quartz is known as the stone of inner love, reminding us to nurture and care for ourselves first and foremost. As a member of the quartz family it carries the ability to act as an amplifier and is helpful in bringing more clarity to any situation. It is the ideal stone for those looking to start anew, and create a more loving environment when starting on a new spiritual path.


“The healing nature of the pearl is highly emotional. It captures this ability mainly via its formation process, where it begins as an irritant within the oyster, something as simple as a grain of sand. As the oyster attempts to heal and purify itself, it secretions create the pearl. This process mimics our human emotional journey here on earth, stumbling upon irritants and lessons, then by their embrace re-creating ourselves as a thing of divine beauty. In simplicity, the pearl teaches us to embrace our emotions as they are the way forward to perfection.”
~ Justin Moikeha Adar


This necklace is 17 inches in length with a 4 inch extender. 


It is finished with all 14k gold fill accents. 

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