Pearl, Ruby + Black Sand Mala



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“The healing nature of the pearl is highly emotional. It captures this ability via its formation process, where it begins as an irritant within the oyster. As the oyster attempts to heal and purify itself, it secretions create the pearl. This process mimics our human emotional journey, stumbling upon irritants and lessons, then as we embrace them we re-create ourselves. The pearl teaches us to embrace our emotions as they are the way forward to perfection.”


Ruby is considered one of the master healing crystals and is also one of the most ancient and valued stones on earth. It is a powerful stone of courage and it stimulates a passion for living in the present and fully experiencing life. Ruby is a highly spiritual stone of love and oneness.


Shells help us to connect with the healing flow and serenity of the water element. Long used in jewelry, Feng Shui + decoration, shells have even been used in some cultures as a form of currency. They are calming to our emotions as they evoke the peacefulness we feel when we are close to a body of water.


This black sand from echo beach looks like a dark, starry sky and is black from the volcanic activity on the island of Bali. Symbolically, volcanoes command the landscape, reminding us to face our challenges and that life can be unpredictable. They remind us to tend to ourselves, and learn to recognize when we are being stretched too thin or pushed too close to our breaking point. They embody the incorporation of all four elements. The steady earth, the flowing water, the energetic fire and the ever present air.


Strung on silk cord with 14k rose gold fill accents and seed beads. 

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