Garnet + Rosewood Wrap + Stack Set

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Garnet is known as the stone of love and devotion, it stimulates the senses and increases one’s vitality. It’s a root chakra stone that is known to promote career success, especially for women. It’s deep red colour helps women to connect to the deeper and heavier crone phase of her moon cycle. It stimulates the flow of ideas and sharpens perceptions. It is also the January birthstone.

This set includes a 27 garnet bead (8mm) wrap bracelet with rosewood, allowing for use is mantra meditation. You simply go around the bracelet four times to complete the entire set of 108 mantra like a traditional mala necklace.

It also includes a petite 6mm bead bracelet to match the wrap.

The faceted charm is plated hematite, which is a natural magnetic + grounding gemstone, so there are no base metals or tarnishing.

Bracelets are strung with durable stretchy elastic string, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear. It is available in size 17.5cm/7 in. 

*All gemstones are one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.


To ensure longer life of your jewelry, avoid contact with perfume, lotion, and water.

Store in a bag, on a jewelry hook or jewelry box. 

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