Celestial Dreams Moonstone + Sapphire Mala

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Moonstone is connected to the divine feminine energy as well as the cycles of the moon. This is a sensual and creative stone that brings calm, peace and balance. It has long been touted as the travellers stone, especially for those who travel by night as it is said to hold the light of the moon to guide the wearer on their journey. It’s reflective nature acts as a mirror, encouraging us to regularly reflect on our actions and thoughts to help us continue on our truest soul path.


Sapphire is a potent stone of spirituality, wisdom and divinity. A stone with rich history and lore that is woven into almost every culture and religion on earth, sapphire and it’s celestial blue hues are said to connect you to the highest sources of spirituality. It has been worn for centuries by those seeking wisdom and guidance. It is said to promote dedication, discipline and good judgement, helping us to bring our dreams into reality. 


This mala is made with 3mm and 6mm semi precious gemstone beads strung on a silk cord.


The spacers are 14k gold fill + Japanese glass seed beads. 


The moon charm is 14k gold plated on sterling silver. 


Because of the small variations that occur naturally in gemstones, each piece is unique. 



To ensure longer life of your jewelry, avoid contact with perfume, lotion, and water.

Store in a bag, on a jewelry hook or jewelry box. 

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